Vintage Automobilia Clocks


Rare, vintage automobilia clocks are unique pieces of history that have now become collectibles. There is an expanding market for these classic pieces, across multiple generations. In the 60’s and 70’s, many automobile manufacturers used clocks as advertising tools. These items would be distributed to new and used car dealers or even service centers across the country, as part of the company’s marketing strategy.


Over the decades, the types of vehicles changed and so did the advertising. These clocks and other advertising items were slowly sidelined and eventually lost their relevance altogether. Ultimately, the clocks were either disposed of or put away in some storage area on the property. But today, these clocks have become valuable collectibles and its little surprise that they are in high demand in the market.


Expert Automobile Clock Restoration Services


Many people are willing to pay a pretty penny for automobilia clocks in a good condition. This is where we at Route 32 Auctions come in. We are the experts that love, live and breathe automobilia and petroliana. Our team works with private collectors that bring these vintage pieces to us for restoration. We weave our magic (well that’s actually our skills and experience) to restore these unique items to their former glory.


Aside from this, many clients also bring to us non-functional automobilia clocks they think have been over-wound. But we know from experience that most of these clocks just stop working because they need an overhaul. Like any other mechanical equipment, clocks too need regular servicing to function well. Sometimes we get old automobilia clocks for restoration that have been untouched for decades and have now stopped functioning entirely and we fix those too.


But that’s not all we do. Many members of our team are exclusively involved in traveling to places far and near to look for these vintage pieces. We bring these back to our base facility in Crawfordsville, Indiana where our automobilia clock restorers lovingly restore the pieces to their original appearance and function after which they are either auctioned or put up for sale at our showroom.


Automobilia Clock Restoration – Our Work Process

If you have vintage automobilia clocks that are dysfunctional or are working erratically, feel free to contact Route 32 Auctions. We have the knowledge, skills,and experience to fix these items and get them working again. But the restoration process isn’t just about getting the clock to work. In most cases, the watches we salvage or ones that clients bring to us are in poor shape. Depending on the material they are made of, they may be dented, chipped, cracked or the glass or neon tubing may be damaged etc.


Regardless of the extent of the damage, we have the expertise to fix these clocks. This is the general automobilia clock restoration work method we follow:


  1. Assessment


This is the first step of the restoration process. Our restorer will determine the level of repairs & restoration needed to restore the piece to its desired condition. This assessment involves either full or partial dismantling of the piece. The expert will then create a detailed list of all the work required to fix the clock and restore it to its former glory. If you have brought in the clock for restoration, we will provide an estimate of cost based on the complexity of the job.


  1. Restoration


We have a fully-equipped automobilia restoration facility where these clocks will be repaired and restored. Our expert restorers can handle any issues, from replacing or repairing components to complete overhaul of the mechanism. We have the experience to conserve these cherished vintage pieces.A complete restoration can involve any or all of these services:


  • Cleaning/rebuilding if the mechanical movement
  • Reproducing or replacing damaged or missing parts of the movement
  • Cleaning, re-silvering or repainting the dial, depending on its condition and style
  • Cleaning and simple touch-ups of the case
  • If there is major damage to the case, repairs and refinishing will be done
  • Repairs of neon tubing in clocks with neon features
  • Replacement of any other components as required
  • Testing the clock for a few days post restoration


Our Work Philosophy


It isn’t uncommon for some collectors to believe that historical pieces such as automobilia clocks should just be conserved as best as they can be; that they don’t always need to be functional. But over the years, we have seen that for most customers, there is little enjoyment/value from a vintage clock that’s mechanically unusable.


We have a very simple philosophy. To use restoration techniques that will help conserve as much of the original piece as possible, while bringing it back to perfect working condition so our customers and clients can enjoy these unique clocks.


Our restoration professionals focus on retaining as much of the original mechanisms and overall bodywork as possible. Since each one of these clocks is unique, a major aspect of our restorer’s job is to efficiently recognize the style of the clockmaker and replicate that work in the techniques they use. With the vast knowledge of restoring automobilia clocks that we have acquired over the years, we have the ability to offer full restoration services.

Automobilia Clocks – Sale and Auctions


We pride ourselves on being a customer-centric company that has built its standing and reputation from the ground up. You will find that our expertise in restoring these classic pieces is as amazing as the customer service we provide. Many clients bring their automobilia clocks to us for evaluation and restoration. While some just want to hire our restoration services, others want the clocks evaluated for sale.


We are very objective and transparent in our dealings with customers and clients. Regardless of whether you want to buy restored automobilia clocks from us or need one restored, we are the company to call. Our expertise in this space is unrivaled and you are assured of the best vintage items and services at all times.


We restore and sell genuine retro automobilia clocks at our showroom or via auctions at our facility or online as well. For any more information, feel free to browse the Route 32 Auctions site or simply call us at this number- (765) 307-7119. You can also write us a message via this form.


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