Vintage Automobilia Signs


Classic vintage car signs are rarely found in their original, pristine condition. They were common features in automobile service centers as well as new and used car dealerships throughout the country. As old cars gave way to new, the signs were either discarded or carelessly shoved into basement, attics or garage storage spaces.


But old automobile signs have an undying appeal and their classic colors, prints,and messages are reminiscent of a bygone era where automobiles were unique and charismatic. We at Route 32 Auctions scour the country and salvage these amazing automobilia signs from home and business owners. We live and breathe automobilia and petroliana. Our experts take these abandoned and neglected signs and restore them to their original look.


Our team is one of a kind and every member is unique in their own way. Each has his or her special skills, talents and strong points. But one thing that holds us together is our love for automobilia and petroliana. We can easily tell which signs are fake and which ones are genuine. That means you can always trust you get nothing but the real stuff at Route 32 Auctions.

Expert Automobile Sign Services

While we are always on the lookout for automobilia that can be restored and sold, our expertise in this field also helps bring in a lot of this signage to us. People from far and wide come to us with vintage automobile signs they have chanced upon while cleaning out storage spaces in their homes or commercial properties.


We buy these items, restore them carefully and make them available to our customers at our showroom, online auctions or auctions at our on-site facility. If you want automobilia signs restored for yourself, we are more than happy to do that as well.


When we find classic automobile signage in a poor condition, we don’t see rusty, junk pieces. Instead, we see works of art that desperately need some care and attention to shine once again. This is why we have state-of-the-art restoration facilities where all types of signs and other automobilia are lovingly restored.


Our seasoned restoration specialists are knowledgeable and highly skilled. They approach every automobilia signs restoration project methodically and in a detailed manner. They go to great lengths to restore these vintage pieces to their former glory.


Automobilia Signs – Buy and Sell

If you have vintage car signs that desperately need a new lease of life, feel free to contact the friendly team at Route 32 Auctions. While vintage car signs add a period and dramatic touch to any space, they need to be handled with care. There are many faded, dated and damaged automobilia signs in homes and businesses. These pieces have stories to tell and don’t have to disappear entirely. A fully recreated or restored vintage automobile sign can be a great addition to your home or commercial setting. It’s a unique way to keep a piece of history alive and create a focal point in a room as well.


Some of these signs are simple hand painted pieces with the automobile company logo on them while others are more elaborate neon features with the brand name and unique messaging on them too. We are professional automobilia restoration experts that can breathe life into these vintage pieces, ensuring their historic legacy is properly preserved. The aim is to provide the best solutions to our clients and customers. Our vast experience, creative approach and use of the latest restoration technology, allows us to do just that.


Custom Vintage Car Signs Services

Finding automobilia signs somewhere in storage or displayed in a rural service center is every collectors dream. And occasionally, people do stumble across some gems, many of which have seen better days. These signs may seem unsalvageable to the untrained eye. But to our restoration specialists, nothing is impossible. If the piece has some semblance of the original sign, we can restore it for you.


We can fix everything from the tinwork and embossing, to flaking paint and rusted sections and restore neon and glass automobilia signs too. Some rare signs can sell for several hundred or even thousands of dollars and getting them restored can prove to be lucrative if you plan to sell them. Even if you want to keep the sign as a collectible, we can provide custom vintage sign restoration services as required.


Range of Solutions

Our team uses a variety of techniques in their work. Depending on the nature and extent of the damage some of the techniques we use include:


  1. Metal Car Signs


Metal automobile signs hold a history and charm that’s both alluring and unique, providing a peek into businesses of the past. Our custom metal automobile sign restoration services can help you enjoy and display the unique advertising that car manufactures used in the past.


Our customers bring to us a variety of signs for restoration and we have the expertise to make them shine. We provide several levels of metal car sign restoration and use techniques such as:


  • Thorough cleaning
  • Corrosion and rust removal & touchups
  • Sandblasting
  • Repairs and repainting
  • Clear-coating


While the technology we use in our work is advanced, our vintage car sign restorers will clean, sandblast, fabricate, repair and refinish these pieces to specifications that are unique to the actual period of production. The objective is to maintain the original charm of the signs. Our experts can conserve, clean or even entirely restore these treasures depending on your specific requirements.


  1. Neon Car Signs


If you have stumbled upon a genuine vintage neon car sign, and want to return it to its former glory, we use a specialized restoration process. The task could involve:


  • Repairing the base and backing
  • If the neon tubes are missing, we will create the patterns and replace the glass
  • Painting the background


We take immense delight in seeing these classic signs brought back to their original state, not only because the project is challenging & unique, but because these items are vibrant and stunning when properly restored.


We restore and sell genuine retro automobile signage at our showroom or via auctions at our facility or online as well. For any more information, feel free to browse the Route 32 Auctions site or simply call us at this number- (765) 307-7119. You can also write us a message via this form.



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