Many members of our team have extensive experience in the Auction industry and are avid collectors themselves. They always pushing forward, looking for ways to make things better and are working hard to bring you the best experience possible. Please let us know how we are doing and If you have any suggestions. We would like to thank our families for support, and our wonderful customers for making Route 32 Auctions possible.



My wife, Jill, and I enjoy traveling to gas shows and numerous auctions across U.S. We enjoy looking for treasures to bring back to the shop. While we are out traveling we have a great team, taking care of everything back home.



Always on the lookout for something cool when traveling to gas shows. Keeps things running smoothly, everybody motivated, on task and is an integral part of the team.


Taylor Smith

If you’ve talked to anyone here, it’s probably Taylor. He’s worked here for almost 6 years and is charge of our day-to-day operations and sales. He also gives tours of the shop and loves meeting people and hearing their stories. Taylor started out doing the restorations before moving into the office and has been a valuable team member that has helped us grow. When he’s not at work, Taylor loves hunting, fishing, shooting, and collecting.


Joe Canchola

Joe has a passion for vintage cars and has been an avid collector of advertising memorabilia and vintage, unrestored bicycles for more than 15 years. During that time he's attended numerous auctions and worked in all areas of the business, coordinating consignments and organizing transports. Joe is responsible for ensuring that the process of delivery, whether to or from an auction, is a positive one for all customers from start to finish.


Steve Walker

Steve is a jack-of-all-trades and assists Route 32 Auctions with transporting signs, shipping and more. He also does antique gas pump and coin op restoration for Route 32 Restorations. On his days off, you can find Steve spending time with his family and playing with his barn critters.

Billing and Finance

Nicole Morrison

Nicole joined the team back in May of 2019. She brings over 16 years of exceptional professional customer service with her. Her experience spans from working with small independent retailers to operations in a large corporate setting. Nicole takes care of the administrative duties, office management and your shipping requests. Nicole is married to her husband Mason. They have 1 child, Gibson (10) and their shelter rescue dog, Blizzard.

graphic design

Adeline Robinson

Graphic Design and Social Media. Currently in school completing her AAS degree in Graphic Design. Adeline has experience designing catalogs, flyers, posters, etc. as well as managing online marketing for Social Media. As an artist, Adeline uses the principles of design to create visually pleasing media, both in print and online. She also has a background as a wildlife educator and has experience in the animal industry. When she's not at work, she is at the barn riding her horse, Carissa.


Christopher Bihlmaier

Photographer Extraordinare. Chris has been shooting signs and memorabilia for over 5 years and has extensive experience in the auction industry. When shooting and editing signs, he is meticulous about preserving the true integrity of each item photographed. There is great emphasis in capturing the details. In his free time, you can find him in his wood shop or frolicking with Chewie.



Chewie has many jobs: He is the Route 32 spokesman, motivational coach, guest greeter and security guard. Chewie is outgoing and always loves to meet new people! His favorite hobby is having breakfast.


To make your stay as pleasurable as possible, we have a range of rooms right from the budget ones to the luxury five star beach huts.


We also have an arrangement with a number of hotels in the vicinity to ensure that you have the most amazing deal.